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Contract management pain points

Poor contract management would have a sub-optimal impact on business functions. Following reasons show key challenges that exist in managing contracts during each stage of its lifecycle.


Lack of workflow

Repurposed templates

Multiple contract versions

Dead paper contracts


Long negotiation cycle

Manual review

Outdated collaborative modes

Siloed contract process


Revenue leakage

Visibility on Obligations

Performance deviations

Data privacy

Create, manage and monitor your contracts using Contracts Plus

Contracts Plus is our blockchain powered contract lifecycle management platform. We enable businesses to efficiently manage contracts throughout its lifecycle, from authoring to post-execution monitoring.
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Collaborative workflows allows streamlined contract creation process and shortened approval cycles

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Robust version control, discussion forum and audit log shows contract evolution history and collaborators involved

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Self executable contracts allows critical data captured into code during contract creation stage itself

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Inference engine performs auto reconciliation of contract performance data and identify deviations

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Our platform seamlessly integrates with your existing third party tools and enterprise systems without necessarily disrupting them. Contracts Plus allows post signature performance management of contracts by auto reconciliation of contract data against data received from other enterprise systems thereby identifying deviations from contractual terms and obligations.

Leveraging blockchain for
managing contracts

We create self-enforceable smart contracts by leveraging blockchain technology. Blockchain is a decentralized peer-to-peer network that improves transparency, security, and provides immutability.

  • P2P - changes committed only upon agreement by all contracting parties

  • No leakage of confidential data via third party apps

  • Data becomes accessible only to intended parties

  • No intermediaries or central authority

  • Immutable transaction records

  • Non-repudiation - Digital signature & time stamping

  • Verifiable audit trail

  • Improved transparency

  • Distributed mutually controlled ledger kept between buyer and supplier

  • Near-zero reconciliation costs with shared single source of truth

  • Parties can share and collaborate on a contract in real time

  • Breaks silos with a unified database

  • Secure with advanced cryptography

  • No single point of failure

  • Tamper-proof records


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About us

Founded in 2019 and based in Chennai, India, Koncord law is a legal technology startup specialized in creating blockchain-powered digitized contracting solutions. We offer a suite of contract workflow and performance management capabilities to improve efficiency, reduce risk, and identify contract leakage. In addition to the easy creation of self-enforceable contracts, our solution enables businesses to reconcile contract data with enterprise systems data in order to identify contractual deviations.

Our Mission

To empower businesses to realize the maximum potential of their contracts

At Koncord, we are transforming the way that businesses create and manage their contracts. By leveraging latest technologies, we are creating unique capabilities that empower our customers with all-around contract visibility and actionable insights on contract performance.

For instance, our smart contract solutions deliver seamless, automated execution of transactional data, including invoice and contract information. This unique approach has the potential to dramatically enhance cash flow performance and reduce revenue leakage from unrealized contract benefits.

Founder & CEO

Mr. Anand Babu

Anand is a visionary founder having over 10 years of experience in the legal services industry with special focus on contract management solutions. He specializes in development of innovative product strategies, service offering designs, market penetration approaches, client engagement models, and strategic business partnerships.

In 2016, he co-founded "Surukam Analytics" and successfully launched an AI-powered contract analytics tool, which eventually got acquired by a US-based AI company. With a strong background in Law, Anand has worked at various technology companies including HCL Technologies, Technosoft Corporation, and Krystal AI.

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